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How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?
How to Roll Up Your Sadness?

"How to Roll Up Your Sadness?"

By Bifng

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Size 70x93.5cm (28x37")

Price $60

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Size 50x66.5cm (20x26")

Price $50

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Size 30x40cm (12x16")

Price $40

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“There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer to be sad among others, and those who prefer to be sad alone.” - Nicole Krauss


Purchasing a Walltone

everything you need to know

No compromises in quality here. Every Walltone is a true piece of art that screams perfection. Expect a premium shipping tube, filled with everything you need to get amazing art on your wall in no-time.

Print material

200gsm polyester canvas

Print ink

12-colour digital print with archival ink

Print finish


Frame material

marupa wood, neodynium magnets

Frame finish


Three sizes

Different homes fit different sizes of art. To make everything easy, we print every artwork in the same three sizes:

30x40cm (12x16")

50x66.5cm (20x26")

70x93.5cm (28x37")

On your wall in 30 seconds

Each frame comes with 4 stickers that attach to your wall, causing minimal damage. Alternatively you can use the included screws, as shown below.

The canvas snaps between the magnetic top and bottom layers of the frame. Making it very secure, but also easy to switch.


Your order goes into production within 24 hours, and will be packed and shipped out in 1-2 business days.

Shipping takes 7-20 business days depending on where you are. Shipping fees for single purchases are $7.50. For double and up, it's always free.


  • Which countries do you ship to?
    • We ship worldwide, nearly every country. If you are worried that your country might not accept our products because of regulation or customs policies, please send us an email explaining the situation and we'll do our best to figure it out for you. Orders get sent out within 24 hours on average, after which you won't be able to cancel your order since the package will already be in transit. 
  • Limited edition?
    • Yes, 100%. Everything we sell is only printed and sold 50 times only. We work with a handful of artists whose work we think induces a strong emotional response in people. For personal artist stories >
  • What is this magnetic frame?
    • It's a very simple, obvious, yet elegant and stylish solution to hang canvas artworks. It's two lacquered black frames that hold your artwork in place on the top and bottom. It makes swapping your artwork a little easier, and it has this unique look to it. More product information >
    • How do you ship your packages?
      • We ship most of our products directly to you from our facility in Hong Kong. Traditionally, the artworks would be shipping to a local warehouse first, this brings extra costs, money that we can now spend on a better product. Also, we can only have one warehouse because each print is only printed 50 times, and usually sells out within days. We had to choose one centralized warehouse, and HK seemed like the smartest choice.