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Our story


About a year ago now, the original idea for Walltones came to us. I wish it were a tale that was a little more exciting than the truth, which is that we just wanted to make a great art product and we were tired of the idea that art can only be for certain people.

Our goal is to keep making really well designed products. We see ourselves more of a design company than anything else, one that sells its own products, and who's primarily focus is on art.

We both love art and design, and Walltones had us excited since day one. Fast forward a year, and our excitement is still growing. We love what we do, and that shows in the products we sell.

A sustainable company

We want to be honest and mention that sustainability or doing good has never really been our main goal. Our primary focus stays with creating really great art. We just don't want to cause any harm while doing so like so many companies are.

We have a small carbon footprint since our packages are lighter because our art ships in a tube instead of a box, we did consider that since day one. In addition we ship directly from the manufacturer which also saves in transportation costs, money that we further invested in the product. 

We are making the transition to use more sustainable materials than we already do now. It seems like the right thing to do. Just because it isn't our main focus doesn't mean we should be inconsiderate.

Product first

We know what it's like to be the owner of a great product that's well designed. We both come from a design background, and we keep a strong product-first focus. We have always believed that as long as the product is great, people will come, and keep coming back. This goes for the art too. We exist to help people rediscover their emotional connection to art. So we spend a great amount of time curating and creating art that will have the largest impact on your life. 

Limited edition?

As you have already been able to tell, we're all about it. Many have asked us why we do this. Indeed it would be simpler to sell indefinitely. However, each product release is like a finely orchestrated dance, and the more releases we get to do in a year, the more we get to dance. We're very lucky, we get to work on our favourite thing almost all day.

There is just something really beautiful about the perishability of it. Spending weeks preparing a product release, seeing it sell out, and start all over again. Wonderful.

And you will own a work of which only a few have ever been made, we love that. Knowing you own something that is mass produced can influence the way you experience the it, so we found a middle ground.