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Make your home a work of art

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7/50 left | $39.00

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What makes our art so unique?

All this detail will never bore you

This is how art is supposed to be printed: quality canvas and the best printing techniques

An innovative frame that sets your art free

Each artwork comes with an amazing wooden frame that secures your art with magnets

Mass production isn’t art

Of each artwork we bring out, only 50 are ever printed. That way you own something unique

Start your art addiction

Every artwork, including frame, is now just $39

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How we work

1. The art

We use software to find amazing artworks on social media...

2. The artist together with the artists to create something beautiful...

3. The print

...print 50 copies of each work on the best possible canvas...

4. Shopping

...upload the artwork to our unique shopping experience...

5. Shipping

... and ship the artwork + frame to you in a nice package.

"...made my wall come alive!"



"Ok my gallery wall is new and improved! I’m totally digging my canvas print. They come with magnetic frames for easy set up, boom and done!"



With this wonderful artwork my bedroom turns into a calm and relaxing sanctuary. I especially love the magnetic frame - it has never been easier to replace prints. Such a great idea!

Brianne Penney


When it comes to putting together a spare bedroom, I always struggle in finding the right pieces. But when I came across the art offered by Walltones, knew one of their works of art would be the perfect pop of colour to this room. I love finding an item that I know not everyone in the world is going to have in their home!



"A perfect little addition to our dining room"

Igor Ko


"Got my Walltone a few days ago, I love it! It arrived in very cool packaging that included hanging instructions (It's super easy). Very high quality & an amazing new addition to my apartment!"


"The print has incredible detail and the quality is really good. Not to mention the artwork, which looks fantastic next to my kitchen table. A total game changer for me!"

Pablo Trautwein


"Thanks to Walltones, the photos of my favourite creators are now hanging in my apartment as beautiful wall art! They looked great on my phone, but look even better on a huge canvas. I was surprised by the quality they can offer fro such a low price! And the wooden frame makes it super easy to hang no screws needed. Will definitely be coming back for more."

Oyinkro kagbala


"Walltones is your place to go if your a lover of photography & art! They offer a great price, a beautiful collection, great quality and an amazing frame. Clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing to the eye!"

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